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Technical Staff

Mario Alia is a technician of process at the CNR IMM MDM Laboratory since February 2002. His main interests are: photolithography, process developing, maintenance of the various equipments and following the inherent parts to layout and lacing. His previous experiences are: s Near Corning OTI Engineer of process with projects responsibility to improve production profitability and costs, to manage problem list of layout and acquisition of clean room equipment (2000-2001) s Near Pirelli Optical Systems as responsible of the pilot line in the team of laser chip engineering (1999-2000) and responsible of the Front End area: from the wafer with epitaxial structure to the chip realization (1996-1998). He got the certification ISO 9002 for the manufacturing area of his responsibility. Near Pirelli Cable and Systems as responsible of a part of the IBM technological transfer about the “980 nm Pump Laser chip” process (1994-1995).

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Scientific Production

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GraphITA 2015 [],