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Capacitors are the most critical passive components of future in-package and on-chip electronic systems with augmented energy-storage capabilities for consumer and wearable applications. Although an impressive increase of both capacitance and energy densities has been achieved over the last years for supercapacitors (SCs), electronic applications of SCs have been hindered by their intrinsic low operation voltage (a few Volts), poor frequency range (a few Hz to hundreds of Hertz), and difficult integration with integrated circuit (IC) processes. On the other hand, integrated dielectric capacitors (DCs) able to operate at higher voltage (tens of Volts) and higher frequencies (hundreds of kHz to MHz) suffer from significantly lower capacitance and energy densities.Here, we leverage the unique atomic layer deposition of conductive (TiN) and dielectric (Al2O3 and HfAlOx) nanocoatings (20 and 40 nm) into trenches …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2020

Lucanos Strambini, Alessandro Paghi, Stefano Mariani, Anjali Sood, Jesse Kalliomäki, Päivi Järvinen, Fabrizio Toia, Mario Scurati, Marco Morelli, Alessio Lamperti, Giuseppe Barillaro

Biblio References: 
Volume: 68 Pages: 104281
Nano Energy