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Herein, a novel green emitting long-persistent Sr3SiAl4O11:Eu2+/Dy3+ phosphor was synthesized in a single phase form using facile solid state reaction method under the reducing atmosphere of 10% H2 and 90% N2. The resulting phosphor exhibits hyper-sensitive strong broad green emission, peaking at 510 nm upon 340 nm excitation wavelength, which is attributed to the 4f65d1-4f7 transitions of emission center of europium (Eu2+) ions. Moreover, the incorporation of dysprosium (Dy3+) ions, which act as effective hole trap centers with appropriate depth, largely enhances the photoluminescence characteristics and greatly improves the persistent intense luminescence behavior of Sr3SiAl4O11:Eu2+/Dy3+ phosphor under ultraviolet (UV) excitation. In addition, with the optimum doping concentration and sufficient UV excitation time period, the as-synthesized phosphor can be persisted afterglow for time …
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Publication date: 
28 Jun 2015

Bipin Kumar Gupta, Arun Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Jaya Dwivedi, GN Pandey, Garima Kedawat

Biblio References: 
Volume: 117 Issue: 24 Pages: 243104
Journal of Applied Physics