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Photodetectors convert light pulses into electrical signals and are fundamental building blocks for any opto-electronic system adopting light as a probe or information carrier. They have widespread technological applications, from telecommunications to sensors in industrial, medical and civil environments. Further opportunities are plastic short-range communications systems, interactive large-area surfaces and light-weight, flexible, digital imagers. These applications would greatly benefit from the cost-effective fabrication processes enabled by printing technology. While organic semiconductors are the most investigated materials for printed photodetectors, and are the main focus of the present review, there are notable examples of other inorganic or hybrid printable semiconductors for opto-electronic systems, such as quantum-dots and nanowires. Here we propose an overview on printed photodetectors, including …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
21 Sep 2015

Giuseppina Pace, Andrea Grimoldi, Marco Sampietro, Dario Natali, Mario Caironi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 30 Issue: 10 Pages: 104006
Semiconductor Science and Technology