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Heterostacks formed by combining two-dimensional materials show novel properties which are of great interest for new applications in electronics, photonics and even twistronics, the new emerging field born after the outstanding discoveries on twisted graphene. Here, we report the direct growth of tin nanosheets at the two-dimensional limit via molecular beam epitaxy on chemical vapor deposited graphene on Al2O3(0001). The mutual interaction between the tin nanosheets and graphene is evidenced by structural and chemical investigations. On the one hand, Raman spectroscopy indicates that graphene undergoes compressive strain after the tin growth, while no charge transfer is observed. On the other hand, chemical analysis shows that tin nanosheets interaction with sapphire is mediated by graphene avoiding the tin oxidation occurring in the direct growth on this substrate. Remarkably, optical measurements show that the absorption of tin nanosheets show a graphene-like behavior with a strong absorption in the ultraviolet photon energy range, therein resulting in a different optical response compared to tin nanosheets on bare sapphire. The optical properties of tin nanosheets therefore represent an open and flexible playground for the absorption of light in a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum and technologically relevant applications for photon harvesting and sensors.
Publication date: 
13 Jun 2023

Eleonora Bonaventura, Christian Martella, Salvatore Macis, Daya S Dhungana, Simonas Krotkus, Michael Heuken, Stefano Lupi, Alessandro Molle, Carlo Grazianetti

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.07773