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A system and a method for the controlled manipulation of any number of magnetic particles in solution are shown. The system and the method of the present invention are based on the employment of magnetic conduits properly structured in order to inject, move and annihilate with high precision magnetic domain walls and on the fact that said magnetic domain walls exert a high attraction force on magnetic particles. The injection, movement and annihilation of domain walls along said magnetic conduit result, therefore, in the trapping, movement and release, respectively, of single magnetic particles placed in solution in proximity of said magnetic conduits. The devices of the present invention guarantee the possibility of a digital transfer of magnetic particles along conduits formed by linear segments as well as high control and nanometric precision in the manipulation of said magnetic particles on curved …
Publication date: 
4 Nov 2014

Ricardo Bertacco, Matteo Cantoni, Marco Donolato, Marco Gobbi, Stefano Brivio, Paolo Vavassori, Daniela Petti

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