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119Sn Mössbauer measurements have been made on a 3C-SiC single crystal implanted with 60 keV precursor radioactive 119In ∗  ions at ISOLDE/CERN. Spectra collected at sample temperatures of 300–670 K have been analysed in terms of two single lines and a quadrupole split doublet, which based on their isomer shifts are assigned respectively to Sn ions located on substitutional Si sites (SnSi) and interstitial sites (SnI) and in defect complexes near substitutional sites. The substitutional SnSi fraction increases from 25% at room temperature to 60% at 680 K.
Springer, Dordrecht
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Hilary Masenda, Krishanlal Bharuth-Ram, Deena Naidoo, Haraldur Páll Gunnlaugsson, Torben Estman Mølholt, Haflidi Petur Gislason, Karl Johnston, Roberto Mantovan, Rainer Sielemann, Guido Langouche, Sveinn Olafson, Gerd Weyer, Isolde Collaboration

Biblio References: 
Pages: 651-654
ICAME 2011