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The continuous scaling down of Flash Memory devices requires the implementation of new architectures together with the integration of innovative materials. In particular, high dielectric constant (high-k) materials are very interesting for non-volatile memories since they can be used as inter poly dielectric in substitution of standard Oxide-Nitride-Oxide stack, or alternatively as blocking oxide in charge trap based memory cells (TANOS structures).For the blocking oxide, different requirements must be fulfilled at the 32-22 nm technology node: the equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) of this layer should be between 4 and 6 nm, the leakage currents should present a value around 1E-14 A/cm2 at low fields. Due to its excellent film conformability, very good thermal stability, its suitable dielectric constant (which is around 10 after crystallization), large band-gap and low leakage current [1], aluminum oxide presents proper …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
8 Jul 2010

Annalisa Del Vitto, Rossella Piagge, Enrica Ravizza, Simona Spadoni, Alessandro Sebastiani, Claudia Scozzari, Claudia Wiemer, Gabriella Ghidini, Mauro Alessandri, Marco Fanciulli, Jan Willem Maes, Mohith Verghese

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Issue: 22 Pages: 1523
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