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The reaction of successive CO hydrogenation has been performed at 3 K by coinjecting CO molecules and H atoms. The concentration of CO has been progressively reduced and replaced by water molecules to create two different environments where CO and H2O are successively the dominant species in the binary (CO/H2O) mixture. The catalytic effect of water molecules on CO hydrogenation appears clearly since the early times of the experiment and evolves with the formation of the CO/H2/H2O mixed-matrix.The process of CO hydrogenation, initially frozen at the first step of the reaction, is brought to completion through water influence. Water molecules guide the reaction toward the formation of CH3OH and promote different reaction steps depending on water concentration. Water molecules increase the probability of reactive to encounter H atoms either physically, by introducing structural changes in the …
Publication date: 
28 Feb 2011

Claire Pirim, Lahouari Krim

Biblio References: 
Volume: 380 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 67-76
Chemical Physics