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Patterned nanoscale materials with controllable characteristic feature sizes and periodicity are of considerable interest in a wide range of fields, with various possible applications ranging from biomedical to nanoelectronic devices. Block-copolymer (BC)-based lithography is a powerful tool for the fabrication of uniform, densely spaced nanometer-scale features over large areas. Following this bottom-up approach, nanoporous polymeric films can be deposited on any type of substrate. The nanoporous periodic template can be transferred to the underlying substrate by dry anisotropic etching. Nevertheless the physical sizes of the polymeric mask represent an important limitation in the implementation of suitable lithographic protocols based on BC technology, since the diameter and the center-to-center distance of the pores cannot be varied independently in this class of materials. This problem could be overcome by …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
25 Jul 2011

A Andreozzi, L Lamagna, G Seguini, M Fanciulli, Sylvie Schamm-Chardon, Celia Castro, M Perego

Biblio References: 
Volume: 22 Issue: 33 Pages: 335303