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Ella Gale opened discussion of the introductory lecture by Rainer Waser: At the end of your talk you introduced complementary resistance switches, which you used for binary pattern matching. Do you have any insight into how you might use these systems to do computation in the real number space?
The Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
19 Feb 2019

Elia Ambrosi, Philip Bartlett, Alexandra I Berg, Stefano Brivio, Geoffrey Burr, Sweety Deswal, Jonas Deuermeier, Masa-aki Haga, Asal Kiazadeh, Gabriela Kissling, Michael Kozicki, Cina Foroutan-Nejad, Ella Gale, Yago Gonzalez-Velo, Anouk Goossens, Ludovic Goux, Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Hans Hilgenkamp, Ruomeng Huang, Sherif Ibrahim, Daniele Ielmini, Anthony J Kenyon, Vladimir Kolosov, Yang Li, Sayani Majumdar, Gianluca Milano, Themis Prodromakis, Niloufar Raeishosseini, Vikas Rana, Carlo Ricciardi, Monica Santamaria, Alexander Shluger, Ilia Valov, Rainer Waser, R Stanley Williams, Dirk Wouters, Yuchao Yang, Andrea Zaffora

Biblio References: 
Volume: 213 Pages: 115-150
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