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Edible electronics will enable systems that can be safely ingested and degraded in the human body after completing their function, such as sensing physiological parameters or biological markers in the gastrointestinal tract, without risk of retention or need of recollection. The same systems are potentially suitable for directly tagging food, monitoring its quality, and developing edible soft actuators' control and sensing abilities. Designing appropriate edible power sources is critical to turn such a vision into real opportunities. We propose electrically conductive edible composites based on ethylcellulose and activated carbon as enabling materials for energy harvesting and storage. Free-standing, phase-separated bi-layered films, insulating at the top and with low electrical resistivity (~10 Ω∙cm) at the bottom, were produced with a scalable single-step process. Food additives can tune the mechanical and triboelectrical …
Publication date: 
4 Jan 2023

Leonardo Lamanna, Giuseppina Pace, Ivan K Ilic, Pietro Cataldi, Fabrizio Viola, Marco Friuli, Valerio Galli, Christian Demitri, Mario Caironi

Biblio References: 
Pages: 108168
Nano Energy