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In this work, we present the magneto-ionic response to ionic liquid gating in Ta/CoFeB/MgO/HfO2 stacks, where heavy metal dusting layers of Ta, W, and Pt are inserted at the Ta/CoFeB and CoFeB/MgO interfaces. Dusting layers of W inserted at the Ta/CoFeB interface increase perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) by more than 50%, while no significant changes are seen for Pt. In these samples, gating cannot break the PMA seeded at the CoFeB/MgO interface, only relatively small changes in the coercivity can be induced, about 20% for Ta and Pt and 6% for W. At the CoFeB/MgO interface, a significant quenching of the magnetization is seen when W and Ta dusting layers are inserted, which remains unchanged after gating, suggesting a critical deterioration of the CoFeB. In contrast, Pt dusting layers result in an in-plane anisotropy that can be reversibly converted to PMA through magneto-ionic gating while …
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Publication date: 
23 Jan 2023

T Bhatnagar-Schöffmann, A Kovàcs, R Pachat, D Ourdani, A Lamperti, M-A Syskaki, T da Câmara Santa Clara Gomes, Y Roussigné, S Ono, J Langer, M Cherif, RE Dunin-Borkowski, P Schöffmann, D Ravelosona, M Belmeguenai, A Solignac, L Herrera Diez

Biblio References: 
Volume: 122 Issue: 4 Pages: 042402
Applied Physics Letters