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EMMA is a FP6 - ICT European project, grant agreemnet n. 33751

This project will investigate the feasibility of emerging new non-volatile memory concepts based on resistive-switching materials for enabling new mass-storage memory systems.

These new memory concepts allow integration of the memory element in contact and interconnect structures resulting in very small memory cells and even offer the possibility of 3-D memory layer stacking. These new memory solutions are needed for the sub-32nm integration technology nodes where current memory concepts will no longer scale.
The program will study high-density resistive switching non-volatile memories (RRAM), including binary resistive switching oxides and CuTCNQ. Focus will be on concept scalability, based on gained understanding of the physical operation concepts. Investigation will further include cell integration aspects, reliability assessment, and memory architectures.

The CNR role was the development and characterization  of NiO based RRAM memory for unipolar switching


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2006-09-01 to 2009-11-30