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The structural and electronic properties of a Si nanosheet (NS) grown onto a MoS 2 substrate by means of molecular beam epitaxy are assessed. Epitaxially grown Si is shown to adapt to the trigonal prismatic surface lattice of MoS 2 by forming two‐dimensional nanodomains. The Si layer structure is distinguished from the underlying MoS 2 surface structure. The local electronic properties of the Si nanosheet are dictated by the atomistic arrangement of the layer and unlike the MoS 2 hosting substrate they are qualified by a gap‐less density of states.
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2014

Daniele Chiappe, Emilio Scalise, Eugenio Cinquanta, Carlo Grazianetti, Bas van den Broek, Marco Fanciulli, Michel Houssa, Alessandro Molle

Biblio References: 
Volume: 26 Issue: 13 Pages: 2096-2101
Advanced Materials