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Self-assembling block copolymers generate nanostructured patterns which are useful for a wide range of applications. In this paper we demonstrate the capability to control the morphology of the self-assembling process of PS-b-PMMA diblock copolymer thin films on unpatterned surfaces by means of fast thermal treatment performed in a rapid thermal processing machine. The methodology involves the use of radiation sources in order to rapidly drive the polymeric film above the glass transition temperature. Highly ordered patterns were obtained for perpendicular-oriented cylindrical and lamellar PS-b-PMMA block copolymers in less than 60 s. This approach offers the unprecedented opportunity to investigate in detail the kinetics of the block copolymer self-assembly during the early stages of the process, providing a much deeper understanding of the chemical and physical phenomena governing these processes.
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
12 Jul 2013

F Ferrarese Lupi, TJ Giammaria, M Ceresoli, G Seguini, K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, V Gianotti, M Laus, M Perego

Biblio References: 
Volume: 24 Issue: 31 Pages: 315601