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Silicene, the Si analogue of graphene, has the potential to be a widely tunable 2D material for novel nanoelectronics. Air-stability is a major issue for experimental investigation on silicene devices, which per this study has been greatly addressed by our encapsulated delamination with native electrodes (SEDNE) approach. SEDNE process preserves silicene/Ag interface during transfer and fabrication, and real-time Raman spectroscopy observes a short time window for Ag-removed silicene device stays intact and gradually degrades. In our predefined experiments, silicene devices exhibit an ambipolar charge transport behavior, corroborating theories on Dirac band in Ag-free silicene. Monolayer silicene device has extracted field-effect mobility within the theoretically predicted range and ON/OFF ratio greater than graphene, whereas bilayer silicene device shows lower mobilities and gate modulation similar to …
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2015

Li Tao, Eugenio Cinquanta, Carlo Grazianetti, Alessandro Molle, Deji Akinwande

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2015 Pages: L1. 005
APS March Meeting Abstracts