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Polymorphism in doped ZrO 2 plays a major role in tailoring the dielectric constant (κ) of the oxide. In particular, the tetragonal phase is associated with the highest κ value. In the present study, we analyze La-doped ZrO 2 (La 5% at.) films grown by atomic layer deposition on Ge (001). X-ray diffraction analysis has been systematically conducted using synchrotron radiation on 14–31 nm thick films both as deposited and annealed at 400 C. Using a grazing incidence methodology the tetragonal an monoclinic phases can be unambiguously detected. Results are corroborated by chemical and electrical analysis. We show that the diffusion of Ge not only stabilizes the tetragonal phase, but also inhibits the formation of the undesired, low-κ, monoclinic structure. The stabilizing role of low percentages of La is also discussed on the basis of the complementary study of ZrO 2 grown on Ge (001) and of La-doped ZrO 2 grown …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
16 Jun 2011

C Wiemer, A Lamperti, L Lamagna, O Salicio, A Molle, M Fanciulli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 158 Issue: 8 Pages: G194
Journal of The Electrochemical Society