Workshop "Technology and architectures development for Brain Inspired Integrated Circuits"
Lausanne (Switzerland), September 12, 2016
(Satellite workshop of the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC 2016 conference )

The workshop, organized by the EU H2020 program NeuRAM3 ( ), will bring together speakers from different EU and International programs and groups involved in development of neuromorphic electronics in order to present and discuss the recent advances on the subject. The objective is to have a review of the state of the art in implementation of brain-inspired circuits and offer a meeting point between the device and design communities.

Registration to the workshop and further information are available at the  web site:


Organising committee:

C. Reita (CEA, France), J. Fompeyrine (IBM-Zurich, Switzerland), S. Spiga (CNR-IMM, Italy), G. Indiveri (INI, Switzerland), B. Linares Barranco (CISC, Spain), F. Catthoor (IMEC-NL, Netherlands), H. Jaeger (Jacobs University, Germany), D. Thomas (ST, France)