The constant miniaturization of devices and at the same time the need of advanced and improved functionalities are an important driving factor for the development of new technologies with a high level of integration.This workshop focus on next-generation MOEMS technologies and devices, global trends in the MOEMS fields, future applications, MOEMS device processes, design, methodology and manufacturing. The invited presentations will be given by top level speakers from the key industry in the sector (e.g. ST Microelectronics), research institutes and academia. The workshop will give the unique opportunity to meet with high level experts from the MEMS and MOEMS areas.

Organized by: Piotr Grabiec (Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, Poland)

Invited speakers:
Luca Zanotti (ST Microelectronics, Italy), Piotr Grabiec (Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, Poland), Claudia Wiemer (IMM-CNR, Italy), Attilio Frangi (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy), Teodor Gotszalk (WEMiF Wroclaw University of Technolgy, Poland), Hans Peter Herzig (EPFL, Switzerland)

2016-09-12 to 2016-09-13