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A first step towards a silicene photonics

Take a look at our latest Nano Letters article about the

New set-up to perform Transmission Moessbauer Spectroscopy installed at IMM Agrate Brianza

From October 2018, the CNR-IMM Unit of Agrate Brianza is equipped with a

HERALD COST action: one PhD Student from IMM and Uni Milano Bicocca was awared the Epivalence prize

Emanuele Maria Longo, from Università di Milano Bicoc

Let's talk about silicene

Take a look at our brand new topical review on high-impact

Hierarchical Order in Dewetted Block Copolymer Thin Films on Chemically Patterned Surfaces

In this work, we investigated in details the dewetting process on flat a


DSA Symposium 2019
The 5th edition of the international DSA symposium will be organized in...
EMRS Fall 2018, Symposium M "Organized nanostructures and nano-objects: fabrication, characterization and applications"
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Expression of interest for the supply of a CVD apparatus for the growth of thin chalcogenide films
The detail of the call can be found at (italian written): http://www.urp...
MAM2018 Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference
http://mam2018.mdm.imm.cnr.it Milano, March 18-21 2018 MAM 2018 will be...
Workshop: Phosphorene and 2D Companions
The workshop will be held on May 8 th 2017 at the Sala Marconi of the CNR...
2D materials on the Radio (24): L'invasione degli X-eni
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Workshop on Next-Generation Optical MEMS Technologies and Devices
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Workshop "Technology and architectures development for Brain Inspired Integrated Circuits"; ESSDERC/ESSCIRC 2016
Workshop " Technology and architectures development for Brain Inspired...
E-MRS 2016 Fall Meeting, Symposium E: Organized nanostructures and nano-objects: fabrication, characterization and applications